About Me

Hi, welcome! I'm Roberto and I'm an Android developer 👋

My story starts in Spain (and so it remains so far) as I am currently working at Mobbeel.

During the last year of my degree, I had a course that taught the basics of Android programming, and after having spent the last few years learning web development, I realized that Android was what I liked most and called my attention.

I did quite well in that course, and the teacher recommended me to a company, for which I started working at the same time as I was finishing my degree.

After I got my first job I started doing some small bug fixes in the Android SDK of the company's biggest product. Things evolved, and after roughly two years of work, I am now the main developer of this SDK, having responsibilities such as feature development, testing, documentation or providing support for our clients.

I love to learn new things and keep increasing my knowledge. I try to read technical books as much as my free time allows, especially books about Clean Code and Software Architecture.

I always wanted to be able to contribute to the community either by giving talks or sharing my opinions on the web. I hope that this blog will help me to deepen my knowledge and in the future, I can to contribute in other ways. I will try to reflect in my posts my professional growth and share with all of you this process.

I'm sure that I'll write a more in detail description in my blog, but, for now, this is pretty much everything you may want to know about me.

If you want to follow me on social media, you can do so on Twitter, GitHub 👋